Pentland Golf and Leisure work closely with many external agencies to provide invaluable support to the services we provide.

Sales & Marketing

The Wow Factory, a creative agency that offers a breadth and depth of skills in marketing, advertising and media.

Golf Clubs

Pentland Golf, a group of clubs in Kent, boast significant investment in resources and technology in order to provide the highest quality golf environments.

Property Development

Pentland Homes, a highly experienced branch of the Pentland Group that builds and develops high-quality homes across Kent.

Weddings & Events

Weddings in Kent, who offer a range of golf clubs as beautiful venues for weddings and other events.

Golf Societies & Golf Days

Golf Societies in Kent provide Society Days including golf and dining, at a number of golf courses around Kent.

Golf Consultant

Mark Smith, a Chartered Surveyor and property consultant with specific expertise in commercial golf property matters.


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